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A very stylish little piece... I like it. I guess some people can't handle not having a plot, but it's well done... How many pictures were involved? and have you considered the posibility of doing one where you end up where yous tarted, so it loops? Just an idea...

Anyway... well done...

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incanus responds:

Let's see, the whole video is set at a rate of 5 fps, and there are a total of 407 frames, which meant 406 separate photos I had to resize and adjust before porting it to Flash. It was a long, relatively complicated process, but the end results are very pleasing. If I were to raise it up to the standard frame rate, of about 12 fps, the whole video would have lasted only 40.6 seconds, versus the current 81.2 seconds. The 81.2 seconds was chosen because of the way it fit the music smoothly enough, and the speed at which the frames flowed. It turned out pretty good, if you ask me. =) I'm in the process of creating another stop-motion frame-by-frame, photography-by-photograph, which will be about two minutes or more in length. I just have a few scenes left to shoot and then I can begin the editing process. Keep your eyes open for that, or come back to check my user profile page to see if it has been added. It will be called "Will You Follow Me?" and will feature music by the same title. =)

Very well done, sir

I must say, this is a MASSIVE improvement in your animation skills as opposed to some of the other ones that i've seen from you. Great work on that front.

My main criticisim, of course, would be the vocals. the volume of some of the voices was nearly impossible to hear at times, and there's the "ffft" sound from people accidentally blowing into the mic.

My advice is to just keep working on the sound, and then she'll be sweet.

cheers for the laugh, mate.

It's been done...

This movie has been done many many times (and oftem much better) by many other people. In faact, much of it looked very similar to another particular one which I remember... Hmmm...

ToonCastleTV responds:


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It's interesting... and kinda pretty... I think that you are partly limiting the ability of people to get it by not teling them that the name of the game is important...

As I'm sure everyone has mentioned...

Nothing works. it all looks pretty, and you can flip new cards into the 'in play' area, but y0u can't actually DO anything with the board.

it was... OK...

as soundboards go, it was well put together. not lots of random pointless quotes, but most of the best ones. That being said, i'm not a great fan of sound boards, and I felt that you were particularly up yourself with comments like 'this one's definately going to be a hit'

You showed your ability to rip sound byte from a move, and to make hings unifor and pretty, but little else.


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is crappy



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